As of January 1, 2019, Akron Ascent Innovations is excited to announce that the first generation of fiber-based dry adhesive products is now available at ShearGrip® is a revolutionary new way to attach — it is a dry adhesive made from millions of solid, sub-micron diameter fibers that can interact with microscopic surface contours for lasting adhesion in application, but nearly zero tackiness and low peel force. The result is an extremely easy to handle, easy to install adhesive that can be laminated on a range of face stocks and used in a variety of environments, for damage-free, clean removal and remarkable reusability.


Akron Ascent Innovations is a start-up company founded based on research from the University of Akron. AAI’s mission has been to commercialize a novel nanofiber dry adhesive with high strength, ease of use, and clean removal from a range of surfaces.

Dry adhesives, or "dry glue", are a new type of adhesive inspired by nature. Rather than relying on liquid-like adhesives or requiring chemical reactions to form a strong bond between two surfaces, dry adhesives work based on the same principle as gecko feet, gaining strength from millions of connections using solid fibers.

AAI’s reusable dry adhesive consists of solid fibers that are 100 times thinner than a strand of your hair. These fibers have substantial holding strength but peel off easily and cleanly, allowing the adhesive film to be easily removed and repositioned without leaving behind adhesive residue or damaging the surface. The adhesive performs well on a range of surfaces, including metal, glass, drywall, cardboard and plastic, achieving adhesive strength exceeding 50 pounds per square inch. The adhesive is produced using a scalable electrospinning process to achieve the required economics and scale.

AAI is actively collaborating with customers in a range of target markets. Feel free to contact us for information on development opportunities and bulk sales.


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our years of development.

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Learn about electrospinning, dry adhesives, and the broader world of materials science

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The Pinless Collection, the first set of products with ShearGrip dry adhesive, is now available for home and office use.

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